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Since 2001, Chet Lukaszewski has assisted hundreds of injured individuals in securing compensation and benefits, via the various New York City and State Pension Funds and Retirement Systems, Social Security Disability, and personal injury matters. In 2008, Chet Lukaszewski formed Chet Lukaszewski, P.C. The mission of the firm is to present clients with a highly personal level of representation, and to parlay his exemplary history of litigation success, into an aggressive and effective means to assist injured individuals, in obtaining the benefits and compensation they are entitled to. Mr. Lukaszewski knows the value of client contact and interaction, and refuses to compromise the firm’s ability to ensure its clients the utmost in personal service. At Chet Lukaszewski, P.C., Mr. Lukaszewski himself will return your call, write your legal papers, and appear with or for you in Court or elsewhere; thereby providing each client with the direct benefit and impact of his knowledge, experience, and renowned litigation track record.

Chet Lukaszewski has successfully litigated 91 disability pension Article 78's, won 9 such Appellate Division matters, five of which were first of their kind decisions, as well as a landmark Court of Appeals 9/11 cancer case. ( SEE PENSION LITIGATION PAGE FOR SYNOPSIS OF ALL CASES ) The first of their kind decisions include:

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Creator of Bill 06476-01-7; which will empower Judges to find
disability pension applicants to be disabled in Article 78 Proceedings. *   Currently pending committee votes by NYS Legislature

The most competitive disability pension rates.
Transfer clients accepted.
Pension work billed on work performed basis, not flat rate.
All major Credit Cards accepted.